On-Site Packages

Allow our team to visit your location and provide individualized recommendations and plans to get your business on the right path!



Essential On-Site Package
  • One Day, On-Site Assessment & Business Analysis
  • Final Report with Recommended Action Plan
  • Areas of Focus range from Dog Handling, Financials, Staff Management, Processes and Procedures, etc.



Enhanced On-Site Package
  • Full Business Assessment and Analysis
  • Two Day, On-Site Consulting and Coaching
  • Areas of Focus Range from Dog Handling, Financials, Staff Management, Processes & Procedures, Etc.
  • 30 Days of Continued Coaching Via Phone, Text, or Email to Achieve Results
  • Includes Any & All Deliverables You May Need
  • Includes Online Staff Survey to Obtain Information / Make Recommendations.



6 Month Premium Package
  • Full Business Assessment / Analysis
  • Develop 6-Month Plan of Action to Achieve Results
  • 6 Months of Coaching: 1-2x Monthly, 1 Hour Strategy Calls Via Phone or Facetime
  • 2-Day, On-Site Visit to Assist with Recommendations and Implementation
  • Unlimited Support Via Text, Phone, or Email for 6 Months
  • Includes Any & All Deliverables You May Need
  • Includes Online Staff Survey to Obtain Information / Make Recommendations
  • Exclusivity– You Will Be Our Only Client In Your Immediate Area for 18 Months
  • FREE Dog Handling Workshop & Leadership Dinner At Our Facility For Up To 4 Staff Members

Remote Packages

Allow our team to provide individualized recommendations via zoom and other digital communication tools to get your business on the right path!



Essential Off-Site Package
  • One Hour Phone or Facetime Session
  • Address Questions, Strategize, Offer Solutions
  • Crisis Management and Critical Communications Help



Premium Off-Site Package
  • Full Business Assessment and Analysis
  • Action Plan to Implement Changes with Goals, Roadmaps and Measurables
  • Includes any & all Deliverables you may need
  • 3 Months Coaching: 1-2x Monthly, 1 Hour Strategy Calls via Phone or Facetime
  • Unlimited Support via Text, Email, or Phone for 3 Months.



Dog Handling Workshops
  • 1 Day Dog Handling Workshop at Our Facility in Buffalo, NY. You Will Work Alongside our Team in our 13,000 sq. ft. Facility, Which Sees 150-200 Dogs Per Day, and Employs 35 Team Members.
  • You Will Learn How to Better Manage Your Groups, Creating a Quiet, Safe, and Fun Environment for Both Dogs AND Staff.
  • Included Leadership Dinner with us at an Upscale Restaurant. Discuss All Things Pet-Facility and Business Management.

WHAT ARE DELIVERABLES?: When a package references “deliverable”, it’s referring to items that we will deliver to you to help you implement your changes.  These items may include documents, procedures, and policy manuals/handbooks and the “how-to” of what we actually use in our own business.  Example:  If we are working on your company culture and recommend an employee advancement program, we will share all of our paperwork and systems on that topic with you. If we’re working on staff training programs, we will give you all of our documentation, processes, and onboarding systems. If we’re working on policy manuals and employee handbooks, we share and provide ours as a template.  If we’re working on how to implement daily task lists and accountability, you get our entire system of how we do things.  These are a huge help with businesses who need that guide to help them get started.

Below are just a few of the areas we will help you transform:

PROCESSES AND PROCEDURES. Staff training programs, employee handbooks, and more. Often pushed to the wayside, these components are critical for long term success. Let us help you get your thoughts on paper and set clear expectations, so that you can hold your team accountable.

CULTURE DEVELOPMENT. Your company culture exists regardless of whether or not you choose to focus on it. With our help, you can cultivate your business into a place people (including you!) WANT to come to work!

DOG DAYCARE MANAGEMENT. Does managing your dogs seem overly difficult? Are injuries frequent? Our proven methods for managing group play will keep your dogs safe and happy, while making your life easier!

OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE. Quality customer service is the fastest way to earn a referral. It’s also the fastest way to lose a client. Let us evaluate your current customer’s perspective, and help you redefine what it means to serve your customer.

OPERATIONS. We will assess your biggest problem areas, and work quickly to develop solutions. Let our experience maximize your efficiency, and help you work smarter, not harder.

BUSINESS OWNER EMPOWERMENT. Leading your team with purpose and communicating effectively is paramount to your success. We will show you how.

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Through our pet industry consulting firm, we have spent the last several years traveling the U.S. and Canada helping business owners like yourself learn to better manage their dogs, and improve their staff training process.