Comprehensive, affordable, and efficient daycare staff training.

Empower and support your team in creating playgroups that are safe, productive and fun to manage!

Why Choose Us?

Through our pet industry consulting firm, we have spent the last several years traveling the U.S. and Canada helping business owners like yourself learn to better manage their dogs, and improve their staff training process.

We have seen it all too often; groups that are loud, over-aroused, and stressful to manage. Our staff training process has, time and time again, proven to reduce problem behaviors such as zooming, gate crashing, injuries, and incessant barking while increasing employee satisfaction, confidence, and skill.

In the spirit of sharing this knowledge, we have created Pack Pro! Our purpose is to empower and support you and your team in creating playgroups that are safe, productive, and FUN to manage!

For comprehensive, affordable, and efficient staff training, look no further than Pack Pro. To schedule a free live demo, send an email to info@packprotraining.com!

#1. Industry Leaders

Dan and Mallory have 10+ Years of Dog Daycare, Staff Training, and Business Ownership Experience. They have spoken at seminars and conferences across the country on the topics of employee hiring, firing, training & retention, company culture, and overall facility management. Their staff turnover rate has consistently been 80% less than the industry average!

#2. Monitor Each Employee’s Progress

Each employee will go through their course individually, allowing them to learn at their own pace rather than in a group setting. Each chapter is a combination of video, followed by a quiz, as well as hands-on exercises to practice their new skills. The Facility Dashboard allows your facility Owner, Manager, or Supervisor to track each employee’s progress, as well as print personalized PackPro Certificates of Completion.

#3. Consistency & Peace of Mind

You will receive a certificate of membership, printed training manuals, premium PackPro slip leads, staff performance-review documents, and the reassurance of knowing your staff is trained and prepared that they can handle what comes their way. Plus, earn PACCC CEU’s with our online training courses!

Accredited by the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC)

PackPro Training is approved by the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC) for 8 continuing education credits if you are currently certified. By taking the Customer Service Course, Dog Body Language Course, and Group Management Course you will earn 8 CEU’s.

Click below to receive the PACCC CEU code upon completion of the courses!

Courses Include:


Group Management

This course covers everything from how to properly enter a playgroup, using verbal commands, proper body blocking and slip lead usage, group activities, gate control, managing adolescents and unwanted behaviors, fight prevention/protocol, and so much more!


Dog Body Language

This course teaches how to read a dog’s body language from head to tail, and how to assess which emotional state a dog is currently in. Is it Happy/Calm, Stressed/Fearful, Aggressive, or Alert? Further, we demonstrate how to greet, interact with, and handle dogs in various emotional states.


Customer Service Basics

Customer Service is the face of your facility! While dogs visit our facility for the entire day, our human clients are typically only in the lobby for a few minutes. It’s important that we know exactly what to do, and what NOT to do, to ensure our human clients have a positive experience with us.

And much more!
Comprehensive and Affordable Staff Training

Trusted by Dog Owners and Dog Service Providers across the Country.


“Working with Dan & Mallory has completely revolutionized the way we do business. For us, it wasn’t just about learning the tools needed to create a less stressful daycare group (although that was amazing!), but also about a mindset shift. We are on the way to our employees feeling less stressed, more like leaders, and less like playground police. This has already improved employee morale, as well as the happiness of the dogs! 100% recommend!”

Maria & Patrick
Daycare/Boarding Facility Owners
Chesapeake, VA

“Owning a business is NOT easy. Being in charge of employees is difficult and knowing how to balance both successfully can be so overwhelming that at times it can make you just want to throw in the towel and join the work force as an employee yourself! My business partner and I were feeling the pressures of industry burn out, and we were struggling to hold it all together. Dan & Mallory have helped us make major changes to our business… how to better train, manage, and maintain our current staff. If you’re thinking about contacting them, stop thinking about it and just do it. Get rid of the sleepless nights, stress headaches, and tears of frustration! Call them and let them give you the tools they gave us. Our only regret is not calling them sooner!”

Danielle and Vanessa
Dog Daycare Owners
Hamburg, NY

“Dan and Mallory are great… 10/10 would hire again!”

Sara D.
Dog Daycare Manager
Hartford, CT

“I purchased PackPro earlier this month and took the classes myself before setting my staff up. I personally learned so much and was excited to share it with my daycare attendant. Last week, we closed down to go on vacation so she did all of the at home work and this week she started putting her new skills to the test in groups while completing the hands on exercises. Not only is she doing amazing but the dogs are responding to her better than ever. She is much more confident too. I feel terrible for not realizing this before and implementing this way sooner. On top of this we have tried other daycare training courses in the past and none have given us as much success as PackPro already has. Highly recommend!”

Mikayla C. Dog Daycare Owner
Troy, IL

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Through our pet industry consulting firm, we have spent the last several years traveling the U.S. and Canada helping business owners like yourself learn to better manage their dogs, and improve their staff training process.