PackPro Training – Monthly Coaching Plan

$199.00 / month

The ultimate solution to empower your management team to handle any dog or staff related challenge that comes their way! We understand that running a pet care facility can be both rewarding and demanding. Your management team faces a myriad of situations daily, from behavioral issues to handling emergencies, and they need the knowledge and expertise to handle them effectively. Included in the membership:
  • PackPro Training Courses INCLUDED
  • Monthly 30-Minute Call: Our coaching membership includes a monthly 1-on-1 Zoom call, which can cover any of the below areas of focus as needed by your team.
  • Expert Guidance: Our team of experienced coaches will provide support to your management team, offering guidance and personalized advice to tackle any problem they encounter. From managing unwanted behaviors in group, evaluating new dogs, and managing the staff themselves, we’ll help your management team develop effective strategies to manage and prevent issues, ensuring the safety and well-being of all dogs in your care.
  • Footage Review and Feedback: We’ll review footage of any dog-related incidents or challenges your employees face. Our coaches will analyze the situations, identify areas for improvement, and provide detailed feedback directly to help your staff enhance their skills and build confidence in handling similar scenarios in the future.
  • Time and Stress Savings: By investing in our Coaching Membership, you’ll free up valuable time for yourself, the facility owner. Instead of constantly being bombarded with questions and problems, your employees will have the tools and support they need to handle issues independently. Monthly calls are booked when they need support, with time slots available throughout the month.

When you enroll in our Online Training Program, you will receive access to all three courses: Dog Body Language, Group Management, and Customer Service Basics, as well as a PDF printable workbook for each course. You will be able to enroll each of your staff, and monitor their progression throughout the courses. A PackPro Starter Kit will be shipped directly to you, which includes a certificate of membership, a premium PackPro Slip Lead, a printed workbook for each course, a Petsafe Treat Pouch, and more!

You will automatically be billed $199/month, with zero setup fees, cancellation fees, or hidden charges. Cancel at anytime.

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Accredited by the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC)

PackPro Training is approved by the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC) for 8 continuing education credits if you are currently certified. By taking the Customer Service Course, Dog Body Language Course, and Group Management Course you will earn 8 CEU’s.


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